Conservation in

Black & White

Healthy organizations encourage and thrive on a diverse constituency and work force. Building an inclusive environment requires a shared commitment to diversity and the motivation to make necessary changes.

"Conservation in Black and White" is an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation about harnessing shared values - a commitment to conservation - to bring people of diverse races and backgrounds together. It is based on the personal experiences of two of America's leaders in diversifying the traditional environmental movement, Jerome Ringo and Mark Van Putten. Typically, "Conservation in Black and White" is a one-day program comprised of a large-group presentation and a small-group workshop. It has been designed to be appropriate for association annual meetings, organizational retreats and college campuses.

The program can be adapted to suit the special needs of specific organizations, including development of an expanded diversity training program as part of an integrated organizational health assessment. Through its consulting services, ConservationStrategy  also offers associations and not-for-profit groups an assessment based on the "Mission-Message-Membership-Money" matrix of organizational health. The strategic prescription for improving organizational health will often include using diversity programs such as "Conservation in Black and White."